March 31, 2020

BCCI relaxed ‘family clause’ in West Indies


  • BCCI had earlier laid out a clause that allowed the families of players to stay with them for only a limited amount of time on tours.
  • During the West Indies tour, a majority of the players didn’t have their families with them.
  • Virat Kohli was open about having his wife around for almost the entire duration, putting up photos on social media.

NEW DELHI: The Indian cricket board (BCCI) had relaxed its family clause for the Indian players after the World Cup in July. TOI has learnt that the players were allowed to have their families with them during the entire tour of West Indies which finished last week.

“It was felt that the players went through a stressful period during the World Cup. The West Indies tour got underway shortly after that. It was important to allow the players to have their families around them. The long and busy home season starts immediately after the West Indies tour and the families find it tough to travel around within the country,” a top BCCI official told TOI.


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