July 11, 2020
Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP) Market

Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection Industry Report

Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection STAP Market By Type  Specialized Threat Analysis and Specialized Threat Protection and Application Enterprise Department, Government Organization and Others – Global Industry Analysis & Forecast to 2025

The intense need to improve the quality of protection, and increased network complexity of specialized threat protection and analysis, are the major growth drivers of the specialized threat analysis and protection market. Enterprises are gradually implementing software as a service (SaaS)-based solutions, due to the welfares offered by them, such as the accessibility of pay-per-use models and prompt access. These solutions automatically keep the product up to date, enabling it to respond towards the modern security threats. Growth in the number of enterprise security requirements has increased the demand for software as a service (SaaS) based specialized threat analysis, and protection solutions which has beaten the demand for traditional IT security solutions.

Specialized threat analysis and protection involves, preventing and detecting cyber-attacks and malware-based attacks. It includes individuality and access management, intrusion detection, encryption, and other innovative security software. They are based on signature-less technology, such as emulation, big data analytics, sandboxing, and containerization. The signature-less products, also allow forensic analysis and reverse engineering of the identified threats.

The specialized threat analysis and protection (STAP) market can be classified on the basis of the types of threats, detection techniques, functionalities and, components. On the basis of different types of threats, the STAP market can be divided into trojan, virus, worm, adware, keylogger, backdoor, exploit, dropper, phishing, cookies, bluesnarfing, boot sector virus, mouse tracking, browser hijackers, obfuscated spam, and crimeware. On the basis of threat detection, the global specialized threat analysis and protection market can be divided into sandboxing, emulation, big data analysis and containerization. Functionalities involved in STAP include endpoint security, web security, messaging security, network security, security management, vulnerability management and cloud based security. Components of STAP include, intrusion detection and prevention, identity and access management, encryption, and advanced security malware.

Top-down and bottom-up approaches are used to validate the global Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection STAP Market size market and estimate the market size for company, regions segments, type segments and applications end users . In the complete market engineering process, both top-down and bottom-up approaches were extensively used, along with several data triangulation methods, to perform market estimation and market forecasting for the overall market segments and sub segments listed in this report. Extensive qualitative and further quantitative analysis is also done from all the numbers arrived at in the complete market engineering process to list key information throughout the report.

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